Looking into trades / online college, I also need cheap & fast. Any recommendation?

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I am looking into trades &/or online classes. Right now I am a stay at home mom. Next year my youngest will start school. So I would like to have something under my belt by the time my youngest starts school or the top of the following year (2015).

So my question is what do you think is a good trade?
Also, if anyone has taken online classes, what school did you choose?

( my problem with trades right now, there is nothing in my area, but yet I am still interested in it, but once I move the closest school ( is still an hr away &) charges well over 20k & your finish in 9mon. I guess I am worried I won't qualify for financial aid. Has anyone had this issue ? )


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I am in a similar situation. I played around with school, from university, to community college, to everything. Then, I got pregnant with number one and then number two followed RIGHT after. I then decided that I would do a program. I am in Louisiana so I decided to do Delta College because I wanted to pursue nursing. I have financial aid, and also got a loan from the school. They are really good help. I only have to pay the school back like 2,000 when i'm done and i start this February 2014 and finish March 2015. so a 15 month education. Plus, programs REALLY help with finding jobs after. GOOD LUCK.


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Not online classes. If your in a good real estate market that's a great one. It would be worth the drive its just a few classes. I'm in Houston an its booming now but really depends where you are for that. Another great degree that's a little longer (4 yr) is sonography or anything in the medical field. I got my dental assisting license in 10 weeks and was making 20$ an hour. All depends where you are really. Good luck

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