Looks like my daughters Uvula is connected to her tonsils! Anyone else have this condtion?

Elaina - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I think my Two year olds Uvula is connected to her Tonsils! We noticed it while she was showing us that she ate her food all gone, I pinned her down tonight and took a tongue depresser and got two good looks and it looks like the Uvula is connected to her left Tonsil! I have never heard of this and cant find anything online about it! Please if anyone even knows if this is possible let me know and give me some advice because Im panicing! She is my first child and I dont want to call the emergency line to my pediatrician and soung like a crazy young mother!

We have also noticed she has trouble swallowing and some times seems to be choking even when she isnt eating anything.

Im going to Call the pediatrician on Monday and make her an Apt. But would love any advice or information about this before I go see him!


Heather - posted on 07/14/2011




?? so what happened? we just noticed our 5yr old has the same issue.. and im freaking out

Sneaky - posted on 03/21/2010




I noticed a similar thing with my almost two year old - don't panic!!!! My little ones does not go all the way back to her tonsils but between her top two teeth and joins to the roof of her mouth.

The dentist is the best person to take her to - they have a common procedure done under general anesthetic to 'clip' the tendon inside. In my daughters case we have decided to wait and see if it causes her to have speaking difficulties, but we may have it done anyway because she does have difficulty eating food sometimes.

Good luck, and you are not alone!

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A - posted on 03/26/2010




My son had the same, it always seemed to be stuck to one side and the tonsills always looked a bit swollen. He is now almost 6 and it seems to have corrected itself so don't panic. He did get tonsillitis a few times when he was younger, not sure if it can be connected, but has not had it for some time now.

Elaina - posted on 03/25/2010




Going to the doctors today since her tonsils look swollen. hopefully all is well. I know its not conected because I saw it dangle alone but it keeps getting stuck to her left tonsil and Im worried something is wrong! I guess we will see what the doctor says!

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