Losing control of my kids

Stacie - posted on 08/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a single mon if 4 kids aged 13 12 10 3. I feel like I am losing control. My oldest all he does is play video games and watch tv and is a fight to get him to do anything else. My next child she is very disrespectful fights argues hits and name calls her siblings won't do anything I ask her. My next child is ADHD he is very repetitive and gets to be annoying and my 3 Year old screams all the time I can't get him to or sleep or anything else for that matter without screaming his head off and he also screams if he doesn't get his own way. I am getting frustrated and don't feel like being a mom anymore. Please help


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Amanda - posted on 08/26/2012




I agree. If you don't want them playing video games and watching tv take it away.

If your 12yr old is being disrespectful, ground her or take away her privelidges until she shows some respect.

Have you had the 10 yr old diagnosed??? just being annoying to his siblings doesn't mean he has ADHD, it just means he is a pain in the backside and likes annoying his siblings.

I have a near 3 yr old and I don't put up with screaming. If she starts she gets sent to her room to calm down and she can come out when she's done.

They all need to know that what you say goes and need to know that you mean it.

A social activity also sounds like a good idea

Chaya - posted on 08/26/2012




If you don;t want your children playing video games, take the system away, same with the television. If my kid gets disrespectful, I'm willing to spank, even with a belt (Haven't done it to her, but would if she were disrespectful) ADD is almost overdiagnosed, if he's being repetitious, he's stimming, that's what kids with neuro issues do, that's what I do, it's normal, if you don't like it, go into another room, or send him to his room. My daughter would scream, and I'd walk away, it stopped when she didn't have an audience.

I would recommend you get your kids involved in scouting, church, community events, volunteering, whatever is available in your community. If they live in my house, they live with my rules, one of which is they must go to church, another is to keep busy doing something constructive. We don't have video games systems or television. We have a tv, but no reception, she can watch videos

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