Losing my mind!

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My son is about to turn 5 this month and he is an only child. We don't plan on having any more. The problem is he seems to have quite a temper and is very disrespectful towards his father and I. He does great in school and with his grandparents but when he doesn't get his way with us. His manners go out the door! He yells, spits, interrupts, can't listen and is sometimes physical and he will throw anything near him. He just gets completely stuck in his anger. Im looking for any suggestions to somehow calm him down enough to where he can listen and not be so fueled by his anger. We have tried everything and get some progress but he seems to do good for a couple of days, then returns back to this behavior. Every time it is when he doesn't get his way. So I have hope that this will pass soon and we can figure this out as a family cuz it is wearing on all of us...


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So what are the consequences he gets for doing all those things to you? Are you consistent and follow through with what you say and do? Do you give in?

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