Losing My Mind, Congestion at 10 weeks pregnant!

S - posted on 03/10/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I caught a cold from my daughter last week, congestion was one of the latter symptoms that showed up. I contacted my doctors office and they have completely ignored me. I sent a follow up message today and even though I can see it has been received, they still have not responded. I am on the verge of taking a hand drill to create a few new holes. During the day I am miserable but I can handle it but it's WORSE at night, I can't sleep and I'm about to LOSE IT!!! The pharmacist at Walgreens told me I could take Afrin so I did 3 days of that, I know it's addictive so I haven't touched it since that 3 days passed (although I have done some serious plotting since it is the ONLY thing that has enabled me to breathe

)Ok I HAVE to do something, i can't keep being miserable until I hit that magical 12 week mark. Who all has taken Mucinex during pregnancy? I see several sites listing it as safe as long as you don't take Mucinex D. I NEED congestion relief and I need it now. Not being able to breathe is a NO GO. I've tried all the typical remedies and none of them worked

boiled water w/ cut onion and tented towel over my head

hot shower


nasal saline

another nasal spray

breathe right strips

neti pot

and to make matters worse whenever I try to get the stuff out of the back of my throat it makes me throw up. Home remedies aren't doing it, I need something that WORKS. please please please please help


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Katherine - posted on 03/10/2011




Oh you poor thing. I remember that when I was pregnant. You can take anything as long as it's not the D. Afrin is awesome. But Louise is right you need to get to the doctor because this is stressful on you and the baby. I remember actually crying because I couldn't breathe, but this was at 37 weeks.
Try getting the snoring plastic things, seriously. Because your nasal passages are swollen shut and it will open them up. I know it sounds funny but it works.

Theresa - posted on 03/10/2011




I was told Sudafed was safe while I was pregnant. it worked for me, even with the congestion.

Louise - posted on 03/10/2011




I think you have tried everything I can think of. if I were you I would go to the doctors and demand to be seen this has gone on too long and you need to be seen. It may be a sinus infection that needs antibiotics or something so play safe and go and get checked out. At least then they should be able to recommend something that works.

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