losing the weight!!!!

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ok so im about to be 19 years old. i am weighing in at 148 and thats not where i wanna be! is there any advice, such as work out plans diet plans or anything that anyone can help me with? im a young mom and i want to be proud of my body at the same time and look my age and feel my age as well. i want to be nice and fit and tone hopefully by next year:) any advice? pleasssseeee ohhhhh pleeaaaaassssseeee help me!!!!


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Kara - posted on 01/22/2011




Walking did wonders for me - not only did I feel more relaxed, but I was able to lose some weight. Just take it one day at a time and have a great support system around you to encourage you on!

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First off, relax! :) I'm 33 and I had twins 13 months ago. I gained 100 lbs while pregnant. Since their birth I lost 45lbs. I would like to lose 75 more(I had put on weight before getting pregnant due to a round of prednesone). The advice I am giving you is all the stuff that helped me for years well before my little angels were thought of and will help me now as I am ready to get rid of the baby weight.

If you go to a gym the eliptical(sp?) burns tons of calories in a shorter period of time and is easy on the body. Circuit train with weights and switch off to free weights every couple weeks to challenge your body.

If you plan on using videos any Denise Austin. Billy Blanks tae bo, cardio dance, any/all FIRM(my favorite), yoga, pilates.

Also Prevention magazine and other health related magazines have eating plans, recipes and exercises.

Good luck! And remember not to be hard on yourself.

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