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I'm so lost, and I have so many questions that I know I won't get an answer to. I'm 25yrs old and I have 12month when I got pregnant the father of my son begged me to have a baby once I got pregnant everything changed he didn't want to be around me anymore. Everyone said he would change when we found out the sex of the baby but it didn't change that day after our appointment he finished packing all of his stuff he was moving back with his mom. His mom lived 2hrs 30mins from me. He said he didn't like Asheville and he couldn't find a job which I knew that was a lie. I had a feeling he found somebody else which I was right he had a girl. He never came to any of my appointments when I was pregnant and we would still argue but not as much once he moved but it killed me that he replaced me quick and wasn't there for me for my pregnancy. My 7yr old brother took his place when I had morning sickness and was throwing up he was there giving me a towel to wipe my face and when I had contractions he was there telling me to breath and not cry. When I was in labor the father was in and out of the room when he came back he smelled like weed. After I gave birth we got in an argument. Since my sons been born he has only seen him about 15x. I put him on child support Bc he wouldn't help me out with anything after awhile his grandma would call me telling me he had a lot going on and couldn't afford child support and a week ago I found out why he couldn't afford child support at court. For 14months him and his family have been keeping a huge secret from me. He has a 3 month old. I meet his baby mama and son at court I feel so betrayed and depressed that they all kept stuff from me and everything is now adding up the ban room he painted and baby clothes he bought that I never got it wasn't for our son it was for his new son. When he said he couldn't come see his son in may because he was going out of town with his mom it was Bc his son was about to be born. Right now the father is in rehab and haven't heard from him 1 a week. I blocked his whole family and I don't know how I feel about my son meeting his half brother. Even tho when I meet them at court his girlfriend gave me a dirty look for touching her baby


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First up, I want to reassure you know that I believe your ex is a POS, and I don't blame you for being upset at him. What he did was not ok.

I am assuming you were in court for child support - did you also have a custody and visitation hearing? If not, then you need to establish orders for custody and visitation ASAP. This does NOT mean cutting dad out of the child's life, just making sure you have the boundaries and expectations in writing. You can block his family..;..but you can't block him - he IS the father and has rights. But he also has responsibilities.

With regard to touching the other baby....why would you do that? You don't just go up and touch babies. Also, you can't prevent your son being raised with the other child. They are half siblings. I understand why you are feeling a bit concerned about this, but it's really not going to end up being your call.

Again, I am sorry this happened to you. It's not okay. But you need to take the high road and make sure your child doesn't end up caught in the middle.


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DO NOT reduce his child support. Stop talking with his family. File for sole custody. Be strong! Don't be bullied. What a shit situation you are in. The most important thing is put your son first. His father is crap. I don't care what sob story he has, he needs to pay for his son.

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I was in an awkward position when I was leaving courtroom the mother of my sons father was holding her new grandbaby and told me please don't take Easton away from his little brother and I didn't know what to do so I smile and said aww he's cute and I touch the baby. since my son been born he's only seen him about 15 times. I'm filling for full custody for my son because I don't want the father to try and take him especially because he does drugs and has a bunch of reckless driving tickets, he also lives 2hrs and 30mins from me. I don't even know how his girlfriend would even treat my son also his family is trying to make me reduces his child support because he doesn't even have a job and he has another son that he has to support. his family babys him to much they pay for his tickets, get him out of jail and they pay his child support

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