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My child is 12 years old and truly an amazing person. For his whole life I've had to be the primary parent, his father is there but his child many times has been last in his life. His father is now involved with someone who has 3 kids. The irony is that he treats those 3 kids better than his own child. I am now literally a single parent with very little support from him. However my child wants to be part of his dad's family and after a lot of back and forth his father has started including him in his new family's life. I am glad that my son is being included but I'm also afraid. His father has hurt him so many times and I'm afraid that he'll be hurt again. For me, it's hard to watch my child being part of this new family. I have no malice against my ex starting this family, we all deserve to be happy. I just feel excluded, like this is a part of my child's life that I am not a part of, which is strange after all this time. I have throw.n myself into work and hanging with my friends and family but I just don't know how to deal with this, any advice?


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Pray and ask for strength to endure, talk to your son and let him know that his dad loves him and if you can have a convo with his father stating how you feel, so you guys can come to a mutual agreement that he plays apart in his son's life. If that doesn't work don't try to force it because you can't make an adult do anything parenting is not an option it is a responsibility let him know that your son didn't ask to be here and he deserves both parents whether he is with someone else or not, good luck.

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