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Help. I don't know what to do. I am a single mother of five. Four are from a abusive relationship with my ex husband and the fifth is my newest addition Haylee at 3 months. My boyfriend is the father of her. We have been dating since June 2013. He was trying to get to know my other kids until lately. My oldest daughter told him off for trying to Disiplining them on my birthday when he found out I was super upset they didn't do their chores and made the house a mess. She said "I will respect you when you start respecting mom and Haylee by living with them."He doesn't live with Haylee and I cuz he said he likes his apartment and can't live with my kids. So I am raising Haylee as well on my own. He helps when I go there. He won't even come for visits while the other kids are here anymore. He expects me to go there. I had my oldest apologize an he says they need to be more responsible but when they offer to help him with raking his old houses yard and with his salvaging he does on the side he refuses to let them. I don't know what to do. How can I get them back to a place where he will come here again. I don't think he's actin fairly to me. I don't think he's treating my kids fairly either. He wants a relationship with me and Haylee and said he was starting to think of living together but now he can't and wonders how were gonna have a future. Help need advice on how to deal with this. Don't want to leave him and have yet another failed relationship.?


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I agree with Jodi.
You come as a package deal with your children, no man should ever make you choose between him and your children! He should know that your children will always come first.
He needs to earn respect, not expect it if he can't give it. I also agree with your daughter. It seems like he wants to be in a relationship when it suits him and single when it doesn't.

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It sounds to me like your boyfriend is really immature. I'm afraid I agree with your daughter on this one. Why should they respect him if he is leaving you alone to raise the baby? He clearly has absolutely no respect for them. He seems to want to have his cake and eat it too. He is trying to force you to choose between him and his way or the kids, and that isn't fair. He has no right to do this to you. Sorry, but I'd have told him that my kids are part of the deal and he can either come to the party or get lost.

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