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I've been w/ this man for about 8/9 yrs and we have 2 beautiful children together. For as long as we been together, I can honestly say that I feel I am always on the sideline when it comes to his mom. He tells me he loves me and wants to be with me. Then when shit goes down w/ his mom or brother, he acts like I should just get over it. What kind of love is that? When I had my 1st child, his mom physically attacked me and said she doesn't like me, called me all sort of names, but when I asked her what is her reason why she doesn't like me, she couldn't say why. I feel that ever since then, we never been able to mend what has happen. I try to forgive and let it go, but its not easy when I have done nothing to her. I just feel that he apologizes for his mom and makes excuses like, she's been drinking..?? Really. Its like he allows his family to disrespect me. He tells me he loves me and want to move pass this but he doesn't show no empathy when it comes to my feelings. When I was pregnant w/ our 2nd child, his brother who is one disrespectful A-HOLE kept calling my daughter a communist, I stepped in and I told him to stop calling her that because its disrespectful not only to her but me as well. Its like me calling him the *N word if ya know what I mean. He got so heated, that he called me out my name saying "Bitch I'mma BEAT yo ass" and here I am 5/6 months pregnant. My response was, O really, you gone beat my ass just because I was defending my child. He got in my face called me all sorts of racist names and laid his hands on me. My so-call man of course got in between us. But what broke my heart is when I called the police and they came but did nothing. He didnt even defend or stood up for me. What he said was, I been wanting to start something and he didn't even come to think I just got punched by his brother and I am the mother of his child and unborn baby at that time. Whats even worst is, I feel so alone and angry, its been a yr since this past but the hurt and pain still lingers inside me. I try to talk to him about how serious this situation still is because his brother still comes around acting like his shit don't stink and even have the nerves to hold my baby arguing w/ some woman down a few houses. So I was expressing my feelings to my to him regarding his brother. And this man looked at me in my eyes and said, Its been over a year now and that I should get over it. How can I get over it when I've been disrespected by his mom and his brother and physically attacked. I ain't saying im a Angel, I have my Fair share of words and what not, but its only when I am provoked or feel disrespected. I never felt so much hurt or anger in my life. My heart is broken because the one person that says they love you, didnt protect you didnt stand by you. When I asked him, why he didn't say anything to his brother when that happened and how could he allow his brother to even get in my face, his response is, " I thought you can handle it”. He tells me he doesn't speak on emotions, I am at a lost with this kid. What is this..?? He said he wanna work on himself and I get that. But I told him our relationship needs some work too. But he doesn't seem to get it. I told him I feel that Im only here for his convenience when he wants or need something from me. From my view, he doesn't love me enough to hear me. I am thinking about leaving him. WHAT to DO.. please HELP!!


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/19/2013




My goodness he doesn't sound like a man at all, or he isn't the "man" I'd ever want anyways. I can't comprehend a man that loves his woman being able to tolerate that behavior from anyone especially his family. When I was about 6 months pregnant, a very rude man almost knocked
Me over in Wal Mart and my husband lost it on him. He should not only protect you, but especially be extra protective when your carrying his unborn child! I like to feel protected by my husband and I would honestly think less of him and feel unattracted to him if he didn't step in when something like that happened. It sounds like he's from a pretty screwed up family and they haven't taught him too much about being a decent person. I'd kick his butt to the curb. What kind of father is this "man" who couldn't even protect his kids when they were totally helpless and still in your stomache?!

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