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Raye - posted on 02/23/2016




There is "love", and there is "being in love". These are two different things. Many relationships have a foundation of love... you care about someone's welfare, you have a fondness for that person beyond mere acquaintances, you make some sacrifices to make them happy, etc. You love your close friends, you love your family. Being in love is that weak-in-the-knees feeling that you get when you're with someone, the desire to please them beyond all else, the craving to hold them. Many romantic relationships have highs and lows of the being in love feeling. And during those lows, it's up to the couple to determine if they can (or want to) get some of that feeling back.

What you have to think about is whether you and he still want the same things. If so, it's usually possible to rekindle some of the spark. If you don't want the same things (which it seems the case for you), then you have a different decision to make. If he's not willing to talk to you, to compromise, to work on the relationship to keep you, then maybe he has already emotionally left the relationship and it may be time for it to physically end as well.

If you do separate, please get custody/visitation legalized in court right away. Then you both will know what rights you have as parents. And it will be easier (on you and the kids) to get it done sooner rather than later.


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Nicole - posted on 02/23/2016




OK lady's what I'm talking about is always having the same thing day n and day out nothing special just same old stuff he never tells me he loves me any more and has told me that we will never get married. We have kids and I will never keep them from him if something dose happen I had that when I was little and know how it fells but I just don't think I love him anymore I mean I'll always love him coz he's my kids daddy but there just ant nothing there anymore

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