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low milk supply diagnose, frequent pumpings, establishing milk supply.
I was diagnosed with low milk supply, I pump very frequently, for the past 2,5 months, after feedings and when she is asleep too.
I get ALTOGETHER 3 oz in one pumping. I was also diagnosed with PCOS in Poland but in USA the doctors didn't confirm it and said it's probably not PCOS. My question is, since my milk tripled but its stuck at the same level - the 3 oz, could I have messed up my milk supply by timing my feedings in the first two weeks after my baby girl was born, when I was ignorant and in a lot of nipple-pain? Since I was told later to clusterfeed I started to do so (and the pain went away completely -> lactation consultant gave me a great tip btw, just sleep topless, air the nipples out, stop covering them in lanoline too I breastfeed anytime and almost anywhere now he he). I feel guilty thinking that I might have messed it up permanently and no matter what I do, it won't help apparently. I heard later on about the importance of the first few weeks for 'opening up milk ducts' and 'establishing milk supply', I wish I had known about it in the first place. I'd like to hear only from moms that had the same issue or know someone closely who did. I want to have another child in the near future and I wonder if with her or him I might have a better milk supply. Thank you for responses. PS I tried brewer's yeast, fenugreek, and eating oatmeal, I still do eat oatmeal but I had to cut down on yeast and fenu as it caused awful gas in my baby, she suffered awful and I only noticed the quantity of the nice fatty hindmilk had gone up but not the quantity of the milk overall. I pump and will keep on pumping after each feeding and twice during her sleep at night until she is at least 16 months old, hopefully.


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Your milk supply "resets" each pregnancy. So if you pump and feed on a regular basis you will have no problems with the next time around. Think of it this way, When we ween the child we end up getting the supply to be lower and lower, right? It naturally dries up. But when we have our next child it doesn't matter.

Hang in there and get through it and you've learned for next time. Don't beat yourself up, no one tells mothers these rules for breastfeeding and well we learn as we go. My mom said she was on her 4th child before she even learned how to get the baby to latch on right... who would have thought of going through 3 children who didn't latch properly? Must have been painful!

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