Low milk supply and pumping

Michelle - posted on 11/29/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My lo is 15 days old and I am trying to exclusively pump every three hours. I yield about 2-2.5 oz of milk for him but last night that amount seems to not be enough. He was fussy and making sucking noises after feeing him 2.5 plus oz of breast milk. From the beginning I had to supplement with formula in addition to breastfeeding and pumping after each feed bc my supply was low. It's been a week and half and I thought by now my supply would come in yet it doesn't seem that way. I have been taking fenugreek and staying hydrated too. I want to exclusively pump since nursing I don't know how much he is getting. He never seems satisfied with nursing. I'm getting very discouraged and feel like a failure hat I'll never be able to give him enough milk. Any advice on how long milk supply and surplus can take? Also I I'm doing something wrong and should continue to nurse as opposed to exclusively pump?


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Bilhah - posted on 10/23/2016




Healthy nursing tea had a great support to me when I had supply issues. Now, I am exclusively bfing my LO while drinking the tea two times a day.

Connie - posted on 11/29/2013




i breastfed all of my girls and I didnt pump for a few reasons but it is a personal decision.... I didnt because my body responded better to the natural stimulus of the baby crying than to the pump. I also enjoyed the bond more as it was more personal....first thing to remember, your supply is triggered by need...start by increasing pumping to every 2 hours as that is how an infant usually eats the greater need will trigger your body to make more milk.. the sucking may be hunger or it may just be that it is a natural form of self soothing. I found more than supplements it was the foods that I ate. milk (if you are lactose tolerant) always helped .remember you need to be taking in enough calories to feed yourself and make your milk rich enough to satisfy. If you are worried you should not hesitate to talk to your doctor.
good luck and God bless!

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