lunch/dinner ideas for 10 1/2 month old w/ 1.5 teeth

Amanda - posted on 11/10/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




My daughter has one tooth and is working on the second....what are some good ideas for lunch and dinner to get her to start feeding herself. She is very independent and tries to grab the spoon.


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Pam - posted on 11/21/2009




My kids loved stuff in tiny chunks they could pick up with their fingers: flavored tofu (soaked in apple juice or soy sauce were faves) cooked peas & carrots, water chestnuts, bits of hearts of palm (or any semi-soft veggie that will hold its shape), mild cheese, halved grapes or black olives, any kind of cooked beans though garbanzo beans/chick peas and string beans were favorites, fruits (mandarin orange segments are just about the right size), bread, waffles. Also spiral whole wheat pasta, and Chex cereals are perfect for little fingers. Check for additive sensitivities, but you can give the occasional piece of Vienna sausage or any mild sausage or hot dog. Or just cut up whatever's not too hard or bony on your dinner plate. Mini rice cakes or small dried fruits can also be good for learning to chew.

Spoonable ideas: pasta fagioli (pasta, beans, tomato sauce, spices if the kids like 'em), toss some lentils in when cooking rice (sticky oriental rice stays on spoons better). Oatmeal, grits, or any type of hot cereal is good, or barley with some kind of gravy or broth. Deviled ham, beef or liver spread, or flaked tuna fish and mayonnaise can be eaten from a bowl or on a cracker. Kids won't choke on warm creamed spinach, creamed chipped beef, or creamed canned tuna, salmon or crab. Canned vegetable soup with or without beef or chicken bits is quick and easy.

When my kids were first using a spoon It helped to put the high chair outside in warm weather because we'd just hose off the child, chair and immediate environment after the meal. Also, the bowls with suction cups on the bottom keep them in place.

Large cold carrots are good for teething as long as they can't get the whole thing in their mouth and can't chip off big chunks with their teeth..

Melissa - posted on 11/21/2009




I give max lots of finger food. Anything that is mashed tends to end up everywhere. You can steam carrot sticks, fish fingers, small pieces of soft but firm fruit EG melon. You can try giving her a second spoon to hold while you feed her.

Nicky - posted on 11/15/2009




what about stewing some peeled apples and pears?
I use to cut carrots long ways quite chunky and steam not soggy or too hard still.
avocado's where good and yoghurt too.
Fresh produce is always better as you can control the amount of sugar going in there bodies..and I use to go to the $2 shop get a cheap shower curtain sit the high chair on top and let my kids go for it wahoo what fun....

Beth - posted on 11/10/2009




finger foods - cheerios, peas, teething biscuits, plain bread sticks, etc.

I started mixing my daughter's baby cereal with plain oatmeal to give it more texture - etc. I also started mixing orzo [a type of small pasta] or rice with the different types of baby food - again more texture and getting it closer to what we are eating. One of her favourites was when I would mix the orzo with sweet potatoe - it was just like spaghetti and tomatoe sauce. Any of the baby foods for her age that come in a jar should have foods soft enought for her to chew regardless of the number of teeth. Those gums are pretty strong - she'll be fine and will eventually get thru anything you try her with.

Delia - posted on 11/10/2009




Gerber has a line called Gerver Graduates. They have thicker soups and mini pasta's. If you don't want to by store stuff you can always make her some spagehetti with alphabet noodles or mini stars and add puree veggies and meats. Even if you over cook the frozen veggies.. They're really mussy so she'd end up gumming them before swallowing them. Mash Potatoes.... I used to cook our dinners in a crock pot and the meat falls apart. I would mash it up a little and let my boy feed himself; fingers or fork or spoon.. What ever he wanted to try. What ever your having make a mushier version... It worked for us and he's not a picky eater. Hope some of that helped.

Alda - posted on 11/10/2009




My twins were on purees at 6 months. I visited my sister in South Africa and she said I should give them biltong (like beef jerky) because they can just chew and chew and won't choke, and also boudoir biscuits because they just dissolve in the mouth. Anyway, we completely skipped all the mashed stages in between and went straight from puree to finger food. My one little one also cut 5 teeth in one month from chewing on the tough meat. They both had 8 teeth each by the time they were 10 months old (7 corrected) and have been feeding themselves since they were 8 months old.

Rice cakes are a firm favourite, and apple slices, and chicken. Also, just half a can of mixed fruit cocktail (drained) is excellent. Oh, and toast is also very good. And don't forget banana or the cheese. And cucumber is really good for teething. The list is endless lol. Hope this helps.

Linda - posted on 11/10/2009




Congrats on your young teether. Cheerios and frozen peas are great first finger foods. Just put a handful at a time on the tray of her high chair. Not enough for a meal alone. but a good start for her to feed herself. Of course, you will continue to add her regular toddler food. When she's ready to start handing a spoon, something like plain yogurt, applesauce and mashed potatoes -- things that stick to the spoon, can be fun. Just be sure to give her small amounts in a small bowl, so the inevitable spills won't leave too much for you to clean up. And I second Ariel's suggestions for peaches and crackers.

Maggie - posted on 11/10/2009




My youngest was a slow teether we did a lot of Alfredo with spinach, I also bought a food net that looks kind of like a pacifier. He loved this filled with any veg or fruit.

Ariel - posted on 11/10/2009




My 8 month old has 1 1/2 teeth. For snack he LOVES cheerios. For lunch and dinner I always make sure to give him one fruit and one vegetable in the baby food jars. Baby food jars #3 foods have chunks of food in them to help them learn to chew. I also give Carter canned fruit because its a little bit softer and easier for him to eat. He really likes peaches and crackers are ok to give as well.

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