Lymph node/cough

April - posted on 07/28/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 6 year old daughter has a swollen cervical lymph node. It has been this way for almost 3 years. After multiple trips to the pediatrician, ultrasound and blood tests they say everything is fine. But why is it swollen (they cannot answer this). Has anyone else had this issue with their children? They say we could surgically remove it if it starts bothering her (which it has in the past few weeks) or gets bigger (it has slightly).

THE COUGH: This has been an issue for the past few months (7/8). She is NOT fever, no sniffles etc. She has this "barking, croupy" cough. She has it mostly in the evening/night time hours or when she gets too hot. The doctor I took her to said it's just a cold......It's not a cold.

Any advice would be helpful. She has her annual physical coming up in 2 weeks. I would just like to have a head start on ideas to bring up to the pediatrician. Thank you ladies!

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