M 7 month old gets bored of his food. how do i make his food diffferent and tasty?


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My daughter didn't eat food until 8 months and even then she only would eat the beef and mixed veggies baby food.
You can try basically everything you eat except fish, honey, and nuts (I think those are the main ones).
I would steam carrots until they were really soft and cut them up into tiny pieces. She actually hated the spoon and loved feeding herself finger foods.
If it's really soft at this age then it should be fine, potatoes, peas, berries, eggs (can't remember if thats a bad one maybe google eggs).
Look up baby led weaning. I did it in a sense by giving her little bits off my own plate at supper and letting her pick it up and feed herself.

Nazia - posted on 12/17/2013




Im seriously quite sick of my 7 month old boy refusing to eat stuff which he relished a couple of days before...maybe hez just bored. he will eat banana one day and the very next day he refuses to open his mouth when given banana. How experimental can i get with his food?

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