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Avy - posted on 04/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello wondering if any of you lovely mothers out there who have sons or daughters diagnosed with ADHD have tried this magnesium supplement and what the outcome was. I have an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed ADHD at 3 years old. I know it is the correct diagnosis as my Dad and one of my brothers have it, It's supposed to be passed down. My son currently takes concerta, but he is constantly getting dehydrated. I am worried what the long term affects to his liver will be. We have tried pretty much everything I have read about, now concerta has good points as well he started medication at 5 here in Canada we have two sets of kindergarten and they started for my oldest when he was 3. They wanted him medicated then so I pulled him out of school till grade one. At that time I started him on ritalin it helped but had nasty side affects. He then started concerta it was a godsend but he was never hungry and was having trouble maintaining wight let alone gaining. He then tried Vyvanse and itt gave him anxiety and panic. So we are now back on Concerta, the teachers know when he has not been medicated and on those days he does things to disrupt the class and ultimately ends up in the principals office. I've thought of home school but he has enough trouble as is and the school helps him in ways I just can't at home. I want to try something natural we tried the red food dye diet. My son is very picky `has anyone given the magnesium study a shot? If so how did it turn out I have found hundreds of links on different studies claiming 95 percent of kids with adhd are magnesium deficient. Any answers help:


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We tried it all. My daughter is 11 and is ADHD. We tried all the supplement fads and extra vitamins and diets. Nothing but medication worked. We see a light improvement with giving her coffee but it does not last long and she can't have it at school.

with medication and the hunger thing, have him eat before he has his medication. We saw the not hungry thing with vyvance, Right now she's on focilin and we've seen the best results with it . the short acting type where she takes one in the morning and one at lunch .

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