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My child is now 3 months when she was born i made the decision that i will not put her father on the birth certificate or sue him for maintenance because his uses drugs and i do not want him to have any say in her life or see her as well as he believes that she is not his child. So thought i could handle it with the help of my new boyfriend however after me only just getting a job now and my daughter getting older and us getting into a accident and now having to pay the car i realized i cant do it and have to sue for maintenance, now he still believes that she is not his. and i do not have the money for a paternity test. how do i go about suing him for maintenance where he or government pays for paternity test and that he has no say in her life or able to see her... PLEASE HELP!!


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Jodi - posted on 05/18/2015




Unfortunately, he has rights whether you put him on the birth certificate or sue him for maintenance, whether you like it or not. Just so you know. He could, at any point, take you to court for visitation, and once paternity is proved (which the court can order) get visitation, whether he pays child support or not.

Where do you live? How you go about claiming the child support will depend on the country you live in.

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