Major problems with my 11 year old son

Kristen - posted on 08/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am so ready to explode. My 11 year old son has absolutely no respect for me, refuses to do things he is told to do to the point of getting everything taken away from him, and having to stay in his room. However this never turns into a lesson being learned, we just keep revisiting same things over and over. He insults me, tells me I am pathetic for making him do things he does not think he should have to do, refuses to do chores and help out around house, when reminded to do so it turns into a volitile fight or hours of the day (ruining everyone else's day, I have a 7 year old daughter too). He is a bit more respectful towards his Dad, but he works long hours and has to travel sometimes. I have been 100% consistent with disipline for years now with no changes on his part. I am at a total loss, I love him dearly and with all my heart, but I cannot stand being around him anymore. Please help!! ~Kristen


Ev - posted on 08/05/2013




Do you give back his things after taking them away for a time? I have been reading other mom's posts and some of them took everything out of the room, all electronics and such leaving bed, dresser, closet and no door. They made the kid earn back the items. They even some went as far as to doing a sticker chart and letting the kid spin for the item earned back. He needs to understand he needs to earn your respect just as you have to earn his. If he were mine, he would loose his electronics and things he loves the most. He would not get them back until he started to do his chores. He would also be writing an essay on why he thinks he does not need to do these things and not respect his parents...he disrespects you he is also doing it to his dad as well. He would not be going to friends houses, he would not be going with them on outings or staying over either. Let his friends come and see what he has to deal with....a bit of embarassment is not a bad can be humbling.

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