Male teacher acting sexual and very inappropriate!

Leona - posted on 03/09/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 16, Grade 11, in a Canada 8-12 high school and lately there's been red flags going on! She tells me that the teacher takes away phones if students start playing games, calling, texting, or getting calls but when SHE gets a call the teacher ignores it. She IS the kind of girl guys her age would go for. She has long black hair, into fashion, make up, etc. I don't even feel comfortable with my kid being at school anymore! It's her English teacher, and:
1. The teacher CONSTANTLY asks my daughter to stay after that class, and he gets really close!
2. Treats her differently than other kids
3. Stares at her and pays very close attention to her, etc.
4. Likes touching her hair.
5. She had a positive report on his class - although this may not be a warning sign, she just works hard(?)
6. Seems to run into her in other places at school too(?)
7. Obsession
I reported my concerns, but the school says PROOF first because we had no proof. Our 12 year old neighbor comes by the school sometimes so they can walk to drama program in the community center sometimes but she has called her mother that she's at the high school a few blocks away alone and waiting for my daughter and her mother called me - turned out that the teacher is keeping her after school too! Eventually, my daughter came out around 4:36 when school ends around 3:10.
Besides that, she started saying that there's a side of her body that hurts when she is in the bathroom and she can't explain which part but then we took her to the doctor and she had to have a look. Then the doctor asked if she's ever been touched in the front side, I said not that I know of but I'm getting more concerned that I may have to have her move schools. The doctor said that her vaginal area is very loose, as if someone had touched her before and that's why she's been having these personal issues with her bathroom business. I wonder if this is relevant to the needed.


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Raye - posted on 03/10/2015




Well, it seems that the teacher has been acting inappropriately, and the school should not require you to have "proof" to begin an investigation. She should also know if she feels uncomfortable, she does not have to stay in his class or stay after class.

As far as your daughter's medical issues, I can't say. Has she accused the teacher of touching her? I started masturbating when I was 11, so her "loose vaginal area" could just be from something like that. I don't see how her having sexual contact would interfere with her going to the bathroom, though, unless there's bruising or some other trauma. If there's a pain in her side, it could be any number of things unrelated to sexual contact. I'm surprised that the doctor wasn't more specific, or maybe you didn't mention the details?

Jodi - posted on 03/10/2015




I'm sorry, but I don't believe that a school would require YOU to demonstrate proof before investigating this issue. It just doesn't happen that way.

Is this the same school that your 12 year old is at?

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