Marital Rape Healing

Raeann - posted on 02/15/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I understand how marital rape can affect you. I am a young woman (under 30) and i have been married for almost 5 years.And along with him being unfaithful to me, i had to endure marital rape. I remember i didnt even know what to call what my husband did to me. I simply cried myself to sleep. It drove me insane until i decided to see counseling and the counselor told me about marital rape. Being a rape victim before marriage it has shaken me up badly. What hit the worse was knowing he also had an affair while putting me through that. I am now getting a divorce, something i thought i would never have to do, but i cant live with the abuse. Even after i stop being angry and hurting about it. i had to ask myself can i live with him defiling me constantly. My answer is No i can not. I wish him all the best though and i pray for him. What is your thought on the divorce?


Jodi - posted on 02/15/2014




I agree with you 100%. I went through the same thing. I had been married 7 years. The last 2 had been a difficult emotional roller coaster, and had involved some abuse. Sex was not something I wanted for a long while there, because I felt emotionally detached. His view was that I was his wife, so it was his RIGHT to have sex with me, and I suffered marital rape too. That was the straw that it took for me to leave. It took some healing. I saw a psychologist for some time to help me understand it. But even today, 14 years later, the memory still haunts me sometimes. I am healed, but I don't think we ever FULLY heal. As with any wound, there is always a little scar tissue there.

I wish you luck in your both your divorce and your healing. It can be difficult, because many out there think that rape can't happen in marriage because, well, you are married, so it's all okay, but the fact is, it isn't all okay. We need to teach our children that it isn't okay, EVER, even when you are married, is someone says "no"..

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