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My sister (not a professional) was going to give me a lil massage with some warm rocks because my back has been killing me. I am 6weeks pregnant and was wondering if its safe? Someone told me you can have a miscarriage especially if I get a massage on the legs. Is this true?


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As a massage therapist I would add that it is safe to get a massage at any point during your pregnancy... from a professional. During the first and third trimesters I would avoid deep pressure in the low back and yes there are some pressure points in the legs but more around the ankles and some in the feet/toes and hands. So if your going to get one from a non-professional just stay away from those areas. Massage is amazing during pregnancy! Actually, it's amazing anytime!

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A massage is perfect fine anytime during pregnancy . Areas just to avoid are between the shoulder blades and watch the pressure. I went to school for massage and learned about it pressing too hard on the calves and between your toes could cause early labor is what is said but i was the demo in that class when i was 8 1/2 months and pressed on them constantly ya and nothing happened. So you should be fine it relaxes you and the baby.

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While there is no concrete evidence that massage can induce miscarriage or preterm labor, it is considered safest to stay away from massages until you are at least in your second trimester. There are reflexology points in the legs, feet, and ankles that can trigger uterine contractions and places in your trapazoids (shoulder muscles) that can introduce toxins to the blood stream that are unsafe to the developing fetus. Just wait until you're in your second trimester-it's better.

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I realize this is an old post but I thought I would reply anyway ...

It's never a good idea to have a hot stone massage during any trimester and even after birth if you are Breastfeeding ... I am a massage therapist and do specialize in La Stone. This type of massage can be VERY detoxing to the tissues and therefor blood! Which passes toxins to baby! In body or thru breast milk! In your first trimester you never want to jeopardize the embryo because your hoping that beauty is going to find a place in you uterus to make a home as they say most miscarriages happen within the first trimester... However if your past all the stages of birth and breast feeding or you don't plan to Breastfeed then ENJOY!! :)

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My ex husband is a massage therapist. There ARE pressure points in the legs, ankles and feet that are associated with causing uterine contractions. This is not myth or guess work. It's medical fact. I remained friends with my ex after our divorce and he offered a massage to me while I was about 6 months pregnant, even had a special table for it. I declined the massage because I didn't want to take any chances, even though I know he knows what he's doing and what areas to avoid. After my son was born, I let him give me a massage. He touched a spot on one of my ankles and said, "Did your uterus just contract?" It most certainly had! It felt like the little contractions I had after passing the placenta post childbirth. I would say wait until you are further along in your pregnancy. The first trimester is such a delicate time and I wouldn't want you to take any chances. And then, when you do get a massage, please go to a professional. I'm sure your sister has the best of intentions, but she could unintentionally do more harm than good. Best of luck to you :)

Edited to add: A back massage is probably ok. The areas to avoid are basically from the knees down. A gentle foot massage is even ok as long as you avoid a few spots. Find your inside ankle bone. The spot between that bone and your achilles tendon is one spot that can cause contractions. Also, just below the big toe, on the bottom side of the foot. Like I said, I'd avoid massages from the knees down.


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no thats not true i used to get pain in my legs and back my partner used to give my a gentle massage not so hard just to feel nice and relaxed feeling i uesd to tell my so who is four to step my legs coz i uesd feel real unconfotable but when i get massage uesd to good a bit, just tell ur sister to give u very soft massage it will help ur blood to sarculate and ur feel well dont lay on ur belly just sitting on the bed is safe

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thats crazy when I was pregnant for my son I was going to physical therapy for my back and they were massaging it all the time but just didnt do it so then i went to the chiropractor it got everything straightened out I reccomend trying that instead of massaging I go tomorrow and cant wait im 9 weeks now with #2 and im so sore

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