Mastitis and lanolin

Becca - posted on 04/15/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son was one week on Friday. His very first time breastfeeding he had a really strong but bad latch and my nipple immediatly cracked and bled. I started using lanolin a few days later once we were home. So my nipple was so sore that I think he didn't feed as well off that side because I was in so much pain it was stressing my out. Because of that I found out Saturday that I have mastitis now. I am supposed to continue to feed off that side to help get rid of the infection. My nipple is still extremely sore and I would like to use the lanolin but didn't know if if that would make it harder for the infection to break up. Thanks in advance for any advise on mastitis too!


Kaitlin - posted on 04/15/2012




Been there. Twice. Sucks.
I would highly suggest calling up your OB and getting a perscription nipple cream. The lanonlin worked nicely for me after my mastitis and cracks had healed, it helped to keep it soft and healed, but the initial damage was really bad for me. I ended up with Mastits on both sides (not common, though not unheard of) and my fever skyrocketed to 105, and the doctor actually had to come to my house to give me antibiotics- big shot in the butt- twice. Are you on meds for that yet?
Anyway, it's really painful, but it does go away. Try hot wash cloths before, and then cold ice packs (or cabbage leaves soaked in water in your fridge) after you nurse to relieve pressure and pain. Nurse as much as you can, and then more, and then pump if you still feel full. Good luck, I know it really blows.

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NOOOOOO don't use a nipple guard! It makes it harder for the breast to fully drain (which is why you got mastitis). I've had it many times (getting over it right now, in fact) and it doth sucketh greatly. Here's how to deal with mastitis like a pro:

Take HOT showers and massage the breast from the top to the nipple, then "shake down" your breast and massage again.

Nurse STARTING on that side and in different positions ( has great tips on different holds). You should start on that side because his latch and suck will be strongest at the beginning of his nursing sessions.

Take Tylenol for the pain, but not too often.

Take any antibiotics prescribed.

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i found a tea bag steeped in hot water placed on the nipple helped more than the breast creams. something in the tea draws the poison out and the heat helps too. it does suck very much bad!


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Kate is 100% right! I would like to add, your own breastmilk is the BEST for healing cracked nipples!! Just express a bit after your son is done feeding, spread it around and allow them to air dry. God gave you everything you need to breastfeed. :0)

Michelle - posted on 04/15/2012




I would also suggest a nipple guard for feeding him. It will protect your nipple while still being able to feed him on that side.

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