Maybe a mommy!?

Abigail - posted on 03/01/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi. Okay this is going to sound very odd. And i had to fill out the sections just to get in here, so dont get attached to the idea. But i think i am pregnant. What's weird is that i feel like its one of those "1 in 1,000" pregnancies. Im not showing like most women would, and if im correct, i am about 29 weeks. I took tests, both negative, and both were taken a month apart early on. I have some symptoms, and i had light spotting a few days after...ya know (which shouldnt even count because of some other things, but i wont even get into that). My breats are heavy, im just now gaining a couple pounds. I feel bubbling inside, some is gas, but other times it's like my ovaries are doing somersaults! And im really tired. Randomly the other day, i was in my car, and my cousin drives by and asks to see my stomach. I said no lol cuz it was weird. But it wouldnt matter because im definitely not basketball round. Could it be seen in my face if im pregnant? Ive been reading so much, took a million quizzes, etc. i want to take one more pt test but i know body. Either im pregnant or im harboring an alien! Help. Oh yeah, im not married either. Highly frowned upon the way i was raised. But at this point, there's nothing to reverse this if i am. Im mentally prepared and very capable, but im just freaking out. I also read that the way the baby sits affects how a woman would "show". Also ive been stressed out. If anyone has any asvice or similar stories, please let me know. I'd like to know im not alone. But if i am, thats okay....


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Michelle - posted on 03/01/2015




Like the others said, we have no idea. See your doctor and get a blood test or ultrasound.

Trisha - posted on 03/01/2015




Please go to a dr and get a blood test.
If you have tested negatively, you should defiantly see someone. You have no idea of what other things could make those symptoms happen to your body, if you aren't pregnant.
I am a bit shocked at this point, if you are pregnant, you haven't seen anyone about prenatal care. No ultrasounds etc...

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