me and my baby`s daddy have never really been dating or anything like that, i got pregnant by accident, we are spending a lot of time together and i really think I'm starting to like him as more than a friend.. i tried talking to him about it but he said that he did not have any feelings other than friendship with me , but he said that you never know what would happen in the future.. i am confused.. is that just to let me off easy or does he think there can be something there ?? he is the one that always text me first, call me and want to do things without the baby..


Ariana - posted on 10/20/2012




I would maybe try to have on more conversation with him. Tell him that you want to know if he's interested or not because the last time you talked he was kind of vague, saying things could work out later maybe. If he doesn't want to date you to see how things go then I would move on.

I know it sucks but it sounds like he's playing with your feelings. He might just be saying those things so he can keep you 'on hold' for later in case he can't find anyone else. It's better for you to find out if he's interested and either go towards that or move on and start looking at someone else. It's not fair for you to wait around for him to change his mind.


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Anne - posted on 10/22/2012




Thank you for your answer . i told him that he needed to stop talking to me and hanging out with me when the baby wasn't around because i don't want to wait for him, i need to pic up my life and move on if he wasn't interested in me that way.. i also told him that he is welcome to see his daughter whenever he likes.. i am not the kind of person that would use his child against him.. he responded that he always had liked me but he was scared.. so we decided to give it a try to see if maybe we could become a couple.. THANK YOU so much for a GREAT respond :))

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