Me and my partner will be taken are 13month old on are first family holiday on a plane does anybody have any advice or tips to help us out ? We will be travelling early morning the flights at 8 in the morning?


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Phillippa - posted on 11/04/2012




Thanks for the advice it's a 3 1/2 hours flight but its at 8 in the morning so we will have to be up at half 5 so she may sleep but I don't think she'll sleep as if there is something new going on she has to be in on it x so lots of new things she's not seen before to play with could that help x

Ariana - posted on 11/02/2012




Bring something (s)he can chew on in the case of ears. Keep a carry on bag full of little goodies. If he/she is getting restless try to walk(crawl?) them up and down the aile a couple times or go to the bathroom (let them play in the water for alittle bit). I hope your child just sleeps but that doesn't always work. How long is the flight?

Worst case scenario the child starts screaming hysterically and everyone stares at you :) I took my 2 year old on a flight and that's what happened to me, but luckily he only screamed for 10-15 minutes and fell asleep. Not sure how'd that'd work for a younger toddler...

Good luck! Bring lots of goodies and food if possible.

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