Me, Boyfriend and Baby Mama

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My boyfriend and I have been together 1.5 years and live together. He has two small children - 2 and 10 months (he left her while pregnant - relationship was not working and neither of the two were planned - stupidity on their part for no BC). He is one involved father and loves his girls. He watches them twice a week in the evening until they go to bed and has them every weekend - either Fri-Sun or Sun-Mon. I am around them of course and have met the ex and have been around her a few times.

We get along when we are all three together with the girls and she has texted me a few times to thank me for helping with the girls or for taking care of them and loving them.

My boyfriend and her talk daily - and share pictures of the girls (the girls are the only ones in the pictures). I have seen some of the conversations and it's always about the girls.

My question is - how do you not get involved with your boyfriend's relationship with his ex and baby mama? I sometimes find it hard to not want to know what they are saying and texting (even though I know it's about the girls or if they are having an argument or about what happened during a pick up/drop off). It could very well me just having some moments of insecurity and a matter of putting that aside.


Sarah - posted on 06/21/2016




I think you sum it up well yourself. You are human, so it is natural to be curious of your partner's relationship. If you trust him and believe he will not do to you what he did to her, then maybe you can just ask him for an occasional reassurance. He will be linked to this woman for the rest of your lives, so learning to accept it and trusting him is going to be the key to your happiness.

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