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Yesenia - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am having a very difficult time getting my 4 year old son to eat properly. He is always so picky. What I don't understand is that when he tells me what he'd like to eat, I go ahead and make it for him, but when it comes time to get him to eat it, he refuses to. He'll just pick at it, or just plain doesn't eat. He wastes so much of the food I make.All he does is constantly asking for water. You'd think this is all he does. I don't like that he drinks so much water because he gets so full that way and it leaves no room for food. Is this typical behavior for a boy his age and is it just a phase that will soon pass or should I be concerned? Any ideas on how I can get him to eat? Please help!!!!


Vickie - posted on 03/24/2010




I would just like to reassure you that your son will not starve. In fact you are blessed to have a child who drinks plenty of water and not all those sugary drinks. These days we have children that overfed and undernourished. Teach him to make healthy choices and to listen to his body. All om my eight kids went through a phase where they would eat one meal a day. A really big breakfast. Then just drink and maybe a snack later. I served smaller portions so as not to waste food. They could always ask for more. Remember his stomach is only the size of his fist. We always eat at the table together at regular times. If he refuses to eat offer healthy snacks with extra calories such as peanut butter on crackers or on fresh fruit. Soon he will be hungry every 3 to 4 hrs. Teach him to plan a menu shop together for the ingredients and let him help prepare the meals and snacks. Another thing we did was let them grow their own food in a garden. It's never too early to teach nutrition. All the food groups are important. tell him he needs to eat his growing foods to big and strong. Be consistent. This is the key to changing any behavior. Trust that your son will let you know when he needs to eat. By all means let him drink the water. Limit the amount right before meals and encourage him to eat first and then take another drink after. You are the parent you are in control of what comes into your home as far as food is concerned. Be a good role model and your child will have the same healthy habits.

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