Meals and Snacks for a 1 year old?

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My daughter just turned 1. I have gone online to read what she should be eating, but alot of it she can no eat by herself. She can not feed herself with a spoon, just hands. I am running out of ideas. She gets eggs, toast, cheese, fruit, potatoes, carrots etc...She will let me feed her with a spoon for a short amount of time, then she grabs at the spoon. I have tried to let her do it, but it is SO messy and she usually just starts throwing it on the floor. Should I just continue what I am going, or is there any better suggestions out there. For what I have read on the internet of suggestions, I don't think I am giving her enough, but she just throws it around. Getting frustrated.


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I think that what you are doing is fine. Get a "messy mat" to go under her high chair as it is normal for the little ones to throw food around. Use two spoons: one for you to feed her with and one for her to hold and practice with. That way you will be able to make sure she eats enough and she gets the pleasure of playing with her spoon.

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When my son was that age I would give him finger foods and a spoon. Sometimes he would try and use the spoon other times not but at least he was getting used to it. It was very messy and if you have carpet you could try buying a plastic mat to go underneath so it doesn't stain. Otherwise buy a good dust buster, you will use it for a long time. My son is 4 and he now vaccums under the table himself. You can also give her some finger foods like fruit or something on her tray and spoon feed her whatever else at the same time.
As for meal suggestions, you could try pasta, rice ( just put some on her tray she will get some of it, my 7 month old loves it), avocado, pancakes, sweet potatoes, small pieces of chicken, sausage(without casing), pork chop, ham etc. A big chunk of steak (well cooked) to suck the juices out of. Oatmeal, soup with the majority of the liquid drained out. Peas, pickles, cheerios, puffed wheat. At this age she should be able to basically eat anything that you do. Try giving her just a few pieces at a time, it may help with the throwing, otherwise just tell her "no we don't throw food" or someting like that. She will learn eventually. If you are worried you can always try giving her a couple extra snacks during the day. If she is growing well I wouldn't worry it's all part of learning.


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Bonnie - posted on 01/29/2011




It's a phase that she will get over. It's possible that maybe you aren't giving her enough, but by the sounds of it, if you were to give her more, it would just be more food for her to throw around.

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At a year old she should be eating everything you are eating just in smaller cut up portions.

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