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Jaycie - posted on 02/11/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 21 months old and is mean, he hits bites headbutts, he also climbs on everything and if he gets a hold of anything breakable he breaks it. Were constantly getting into him and putting him in the corner. Then when he goes to the corner he looks at us and laphs and walks away so we have to put him back into the corner and then he starts having a temper trantrum. Any advice on what to do to stop doing this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thans in advance


Sarah - posted on 02/11/2016




Ignoring the tantrum is the best way to end that part of his behavior. Simply put him where he cannot hurt himself and let him pitch his fit. When he hits or bites, very firmly take his hands or his face and make eye contact and tell him "no hitting/biting, that hurts!" Then walk away and give him no attention. Sometimes, kids act out as a way to get attention, negative attention is still attention. Take some time to play and act out soft touches, or use two stuffed animals to show him how sad one gets if the other hurts it. Praise his positive behavior He is a bit young for timeout, but if you can get him to stay put and let him have a fit, then keep trying. Make sure he is getting enough of your undivided attention each day, reading, etc. Distraction can help too, when you start to see him gearing up, have him jump, run in a circle, play a game of "copy me", and you may diffuse the energy before he hits, bites or other mischief.
At this age a certain amount of this behavior is very typical. He is not mean, he's a toddler. Hang in there, avoid labeling him and he will learn.

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