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My son is 21 months old and is mean, he hits bites headbutts, he also climbs on everything and if he gets a hold of anything breakable he breaks it. Were constantly getting into him and putting him in the corner. Then when he goes to the corner he looks at us and laphs and walks away so we have to put him back into the corner and then he starts having a temper trantrum. Any advice on what to do to stop doing this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


Dove - posted on 02/11/2016




He's a little young to be understanding 'real' time out. Childproofing your home to keep breakables out of reach and out of sight would be best for the time being. Climbing is very normal. I found that arranging things to give the kids a safe area to climb was much more effective than forbidding climbing completely. If you are not comfortable w/ this option then it is a good idea to take your child to a playground (or outside if you have a yard w/ some climbing equipment) on a daily basis.

As for the physical aggression... teaching him to be gentle is an effective way to stop (or at least dramatically curb) the violence. Firmly (but gentle enough to not hurt) grab his hand and sternly say 'no hitting'. Then in a gentler voice say 'be gentle' and SHOW him gentle by using his hand to stroke your cheek. If he persists... repeat. If he still persists... walk away and ignore him for a few minutes. You can modify this process as needed to fit the biting and the head butting as well. Be firm, consistent, and patient. He'll learn.

He's not mean or bad... he's little and learning.

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