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Im 31weeks and measuring 28cm, my last midwifes appointment (3weeks ago) I also measured 27/28 weeks. The midwife has booked me in for an ultrasound to check the growth of the baby, she also told me not to worry but that's very hard as I haven't had the easiest pregnancy to begin with. Im just wondering of any other moms to be have been through this and if so what was the outcome/ weight of baby once born.

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My daughter measured small my entire pregnancy - so small that I ended up with regular ultrasounds to track her growth. We went full term and she was born at only 2.2kg (5lb, 2 oz). She was in the Special Care Unit for 10 days because there were issues with her blood sugar and she had no sucking reflex so needed tube feeding in that time.

Having said that, I was able to successfully breastfeed her after the 10 days of pumping and feeding, she had very few health problems as an infant once we were out of hospital. After 6 months of regular check ups with her pediatrician, his conclusion was "she was just meant to be small, it's just who she is!" and she is now a healthy and happy 11 year old :). (And still one of the smaller ones in her her year group - there are small genes a couple of generations back in the family)

Keep in mind, there are always babies that are on the lower end of that growth curve. Someone's baby has to be there. Small doesn't mean major issues. There may be challenges, but you will all get through them.

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