Mediation coming up- Co-parenting concerns.

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Hi All,

I am about halfway through my child support and custody battle with my ex (baby daddy). In short, I gave him a chance to work things out after our son was born since he left me all throughout pregnancy, and I ended up finding out that he was cheating on me, all the while he kept telling me not to leave him because our son would not have a family if I left him. During the one year I gave him to show me he was committed, he saw our son a handful of times, emotionally and verbally abused me, threatened to ruin my life and threatened me with his guns (hes a cop), but I got the guts to cut him off. I changed my number and told him he can email me to see his son and my mom would be the middle person in terms of exchanges. For months he demanded that I give him my new number and/ or call him but typically he ends up telling me off. Some of his emails were basically telling me off for filing for child support and custody. He hasnt even asked to see his son.

Anyways, we have to go to mediation next week and it will be the first time I see him in more than four months and we will have to discuss visitation and custody. I am very afraid of this because honestly he has demonstrated little interest in our son and am afraid he will challenge me just to make things hard. He feels strongly against legalizing everything so I am just afraid that we will have to end up in court in nasty custody battle. Any advice, tips, or experiences you can share with me?


Dove - posted on 04/14/2016




He may feel strongly against legalizing everything, but that is the only way to protect all of you. He has every right to visitations w/out supervision (unless a judge rules in favor of supervised visitations) and your child has every right to a relationship w/ his father. Be open to agreeing to reasonable times/days that will work for all of you... and if you both can not come to an agreement... yes, a court battle will be in your future. Good luck!

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