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SARAH - posted on 04/06/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok i just wanted to rant for a minute im a nobady and what i say dosent matter.......that said...

First off lables....adhd,gay, old young,bi-polar are just dumb... i mean really our children dont like the same cearal very long let along have the ablity to "be" these.......i belive that these labels only truly hurt theone that care give them reason to act out blame something or just be rude.
MY son "has" ADHA so the doctor say but really...he listens he gen dose what he is asked and yes he has "melt downs" but he is can some one who is not even sure of the diff between a girl and a boy..really have bi polar or odd.....EVERY CHILD I HAVE EVER MET PUSHES THE LIMIT....before you say that its not the same .. i "have adult adhd, bi-polar and odd" among one million other things and labels the people what to give me i belive every one is diffrent and that this world cares way to much about normal what happen to be ur self love ur instead we will show a pill down the thorats of the children that are to loud not loud enought sad to much or to happy.......why cant the experance life as it happens to them....

if "sally" is completely heartbroken because the toy is not i n her hands ...thats ok let her be mad...if tommy runs in the house to much wont sit still...get him a ball and a yard....teach him a skill he can move with ...yes all areas of school are important but i truely belive that doing this to our children is wrong if the world can expcet diffrent they why do we tell our children too...

I want to say that i KNOW it is rough...ive lived it but i belive that compassion and understanding will always go father then a simple here take this....

ok thats what i have to say


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SARAH - posted on 04/06/2010




i will say that you have a good point are your own person and i am glad you took the time to read my i said sometimes we need to let our children be outside the realm of norm... who really needs to be cookie cutter.....i think you make great pionts tho

Iridescent - posted on 04/06/2010




I understand your frustration, especially with the behavioral disorders, but I can't completely agree. Without the labels, when they are appropriate, it is impossible to get the child the treatment they need to become a thriving, happy, coping adult (or as close to one as possible). It's the downside of our society.

I also don't believe the labels excuse poor behavior. Meltdowns are different from tantrums, believe me I know! A meltdown is when a person it beyond understanding the situation, overwhelmed and cannot cope. A tantrum is when they are fully aware of their behavior and manipulating the situation. Meltdowns can be worked with to teach coping skills. Tantrums need to be ignored to stop it, or disciplined if it's beyond that point. Neither of those approaches is appropriate for a meltdown.

One thing that should be added as well. A person stating their child has a disorder does not make it so. But it can make the child behave in that way and encourage and excuse poor behavior. People should take the time and have their child evaluated by professionals trained in the specific areas of concern, and accept the answer if there is one, even when half the time it's simply poor parenting.

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