Menstral cycle after kids

Jennifer - posted on 03/29/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




Question about if this sounds normal for a cycle - will be asking my doc at end of month when go for my physical. So before kids period was normal I'll say - just crampy. Good news is I RARELY have cramps now. But what I do have is the 1st and or 2nd day of period if I do much for any length of time (example clean house for an hour straight or stand and wash dishes), my vagina gets really sore. And is not sore much when I am sitting. But standing or walking it hurts - basically feels raw (similiar to after childbirth). I had this maybe every other period after my daughter (who is 3 in July) but didnt have many periods as had another kid who just turned 1. And since him, so last 10 periods or so this has happened. And is hard if you have to be out somewhere that day for sure. At home, whatever, you take lots of breaks. But has anyone else experienced this or am I just weird? lol - thanks.

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