metabolic disordrs, help!

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my son is 21 months old he has been having really bad tantrums for a cople of months now he also has some dificulty at night sleeping. i went to my docter after telling the therepist my concern and finding out about metabolic disorders so i told my docter about this and she sent me to do some metabolic test in the test which include lactic acid, pyiruvic acid and cartine. lactic acid and cartine came back in range but the pyruvic acid came back out of range at 0.11 when hes supposed to have 0.30- 1.50 this test are pediatric test so the ranges or not based on adults. when i took the test results to the docter she told me that everything was ok but every the therepist and the other profesionals tell me that only a genetisist can read this results and i really do not trust my docter since she is not a pediatrition and she is a general doctore i am confused with all of this and do not know what to do. i have had meany people tell me difrent things such as he has to be evaluaed by a neroligist as well because he is metally 10 under other children his age for learning he is also a 33% under children his age in the social emocial area. people have suggested that is may have autisum but i do not think that because he is very active and pay attention , well most of the times... others have saide that i can be the milk he is drinking that is causing him to be in such a bad behavier, really bad behaviore i am so confused can enyone help? is my son ok?


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If you don't think your physician is qualified to see children, YOU NEED TO GET A DIFFERENT ONE. If you are confused about test results, you need to speak to a physician knowledgeable about the area of concern.

If your therapist is recommending a neurologist, then a neurologist consult would probably be a good idea. If you've had some metabolic testing done, then a metabolic specialist would be the person to speak with.

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