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I have my little girl Lindsey while I was on methadone, she is fixing to be three and her attitude and temper tantrums are out of control. Is this an affect of the methadone or is normal for her age??


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Mardi - posted on 09/17/2013




lol, yeh, not sure why you hear about terrible twos, cause what they learn about tantrums at two, they take to a whole new level by three.....

There is a good chance that you taking methodone could exacibate (make worse) the 'normal' 3yrs old tantrums and moods. The key either way, is you now need to learn how to teach your little girl how to deal with her melt downs and dissappointments, just like any other mum of a 3yr old just might be a bit harder, take a bit longer for you and your little girl. This will help start a basis of helping her cope with many things in her future.

*Hint........a 3 yr old having a tantrum isn't much dissimilar to a 13yr old having a meltdown, but they are a lot bigger and harder to deal start now,.,,,..,

Diana - posted on 09/17/2013




It could be related but a lot of three year olds have tantrums if u don't mind me asking why were you taking methadone

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