Michael's Journey (my 12 year old son with ADHD)

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Greetings from the South. I found this site in search of some other moms/dads going thru what I have been going through the past 6 years. My son, Michael is 12 years old and has ADHD/ODD and was diagnosed at the age of 6. Over the past six years he has been on just about ALL medications for ADHD....As we know these medications are trial and error. The only medication that has seemed to work for him has been VYVANSE....His dosage had been increased and decreased over the past three years. As of now, he is on a 50 mg Vyvanse.

My son struggles with his ADHD. I struggle with his ADHD as I myself am ADD...Needless to say we have butt heads alot. School is becoming more of a struggle for him. He seems to be getting more defiant as he gets older and I am sure his hormones have alot to do with this. I am sure he feels alone as sometimes I feel as if I have no one to turn too. His father and I co parent and over the years have a great system and do this well...Just a few weeks ago Michael did something as his implusiveness was HIGH...As most boys at this age are curious about girls and the "birds and the bees"....this day and age there is way more out there than there was when I was growing up. He has friends at school that talk about it--using very bad languauge--giving him sites he could go to to check things out....He even went as far to text someone a not so appropiate text. This is where it starts for us...

That not so appropiate text was the last straw for us. He is too smart when it comes to electronics and any kind of mobile device. Loves to play games on the PS3 or Xbox but gets consumed by them and rages when he is not able to be on them. And this seems to be typical for children with ADHD. Michael refuses to do homework--only does what he has to do to get by in school-and is still not able to clean his room.

Our journey starts Friday July 18. We have decided to be a part of a clinical trial at Duke University Hospital. It is a 13 week trial clinic. Medication management--counseling (for all of us) and also will be in some group settings with other children. They will be teaching him the tools he needs to help control with the impulsivenss--concentrating in school--listening---all the tools we have tried to teach but have been unable to.

My son wants to shine and I want him to shine. He is such an inspiration to me as I know first hand the struggle of having ADHD/ADD....His brain is wired differtently than alot of people but he isn't alone. If we didnt get him the help that he needs than I would feel as if I am failing him as a mom and setting him up for failure in school.

I will keep you updated on the clinical trial. As I said we go Friday for our first apointment.

Perhaps this will help others whom are going thru this as well....You are not alone so please dont think you are...


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