Middle School child does not want to do work in class or homework

Catherine - posted on 04/16/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My child is in middle school but prefers to play with the younger elementary aged children. Her teenage brother at the same school says that he is embarrassed.


Sarah - posted on 04/16/2016




Your title and your text are two different topics. what really is the issue?


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Dove - posted on 04/16/2016




Who cares who she wants to play with? As long as their behaviors are not inappropriate... she has every right to pick her own friends and if her brother is embarrassed by that... well, he can just grow up and get over it. There is a 9th grade boy in our neighborhood that sometimes plays w/ my second grade son... because he has enjoyed teaching my son to ride a ripstik. No big deal.

If she doesn't want to do her work... why not? Is the work too hard or too easy? Or is it just a typical case of a preteen being sick of school? HOW you approach it depends on the reasons, BUT not doing her work at all simply is not an option.

Jodi - posted on 04/16/2016




Okay, so let me get this straight. Your older child is embarrassed by his sister. Well, he needs to get over it - her choices have nothing to do with him, so you need to work on that with him.

With regard to your daughter, you indicate two issues - not doing her work AND preferring the younger children. Before I say anything, I need to ask if she is special needs - most students I know that have these issues tend to be special needs in some way and their needs will require thinking outside the box.

If your child is not special needs , what are YOU doing about her not working in school or doing her homework? And how much younger are these kids? Are we talking only a year difference? And if so, is your daughter amongst the youngest in her year group?

Honestly, you haven't given much information to go on in order to get advice.

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