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Okay so basically I can sit and have Civil conversation with her but she can be
Over barring , rude , mean and manipulative. My boyfriend and I have been dating 3 and half years
And she's done a lot of things that drive me crazy! And now that we finally bought our home and our moving in at the end of this month I'm scared of what's to come ... Example
I hired a lawyer for the house and she got upset it wasn't the one she chose
So she called the lawyer she wanted and set up an appt with him and told us
When we could meet him ... Leaving me to call and cancel..... This is just one of the million
Things she's done ...


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Raye - posted on 06/23/2015




Sounds like she needs to be (nicely) told to butt out. Let her know that you appreciate her willingness to help, and that you will consider her advise, but that you and your BF need to make your own decisions. If she can't back off, then you need to let her know she will no longer be included in the goings on in your lives. Make sure your BF is on the same page with you. You don't want to tell her one thing, and have him go behind your back and undermine you.

Another thing is not to take some things too personally. If she's a jerk, and you know it, then you can ignore some of her behavior. Yes, it may be irksome that she keeps trying to meddle. But if it's something that really doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things, maybe try to let it go for the sake of keeping the peace between your BF and his mom.

Also, for the record, she's not your "mother-in-law" until you're married; that's the "law" part. But I understand that for the sake of simplicity it may be easier to refer to her as that.

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