Mild contractions at 28 weeks!

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Hi ladies, just had a question about contractions as this is my first pregnancy. I started having cramping all day Friday, then backpain and contractions that night. Went to the hospital and was contracting every 3-6 minutes. The contractions are VERY mild, but its the backpain and cramping that more uncomfortable. They gave me a shot to stop them and sent me home. I have continued to do the same thing and went to the doctor yesterday and they said my cervix was not dilating and to take a pill when I feel them. But since my cervix is not changing, I could still work and take the pill, but just cut back to 8 hr shifts instead of 12 hrs. They said I might just contract like this and not dilate. I'm just concerned and wanted to know if any of you had a similiar situation. All my labs/tests were negative, so I don't know why I am doing this?

I appreciate any advice! Thanks :-)


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I have had the same issue with my previous two pregnancies and I am in my 28th week of my third pregnancy, and began contracting last week. These contractions I have are continuous and about 3-4 minutes apart and tend to not hurt. My uterus just tightens up and stays hard about a minute or so. This may go on as long as 24 hours with no stopping. I went in to the hospital for these with my first two pregnancies and had a similar result as you. They gave me a shot of trebuteline and made sure I was not dialating and sent me home. This time I will not waste my time going in as the contractions continued until real labor started. I realized that I just have a irritable uterus, and this is normal for me. I went into labor during my 39th week with both my first two, so it does not mean labor is anywhere near. If the contractions are worse longer or painful then it would be wise to get them checked out again. But if it is like me you will get used to it. Hope this helps.

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