Milk from a sippy cup ... gets spit out ?

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My daughter will drink water from her sippie cup but I've been trying to get her to drink her milk from the cup - she just spits it out.

She will start to drink it and then when she realizes it's milk, she makes a sour face and spits it out.

I've tried all different types of sippies, the one with the straw seems to work the best. Someone suggested a sippy that looks like a bottle.

I'm concerned because she's not meeting her daily milk requirement.

Anyone else have the same experience?


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Bonnie - posted on 03/29/2012




She was so used to having milk in her bottle all this time, that is the problem. Most children go through this. If you want her to have milk just keep offering it to her in her sippy cup. Eventually she will take it.

Brittney - posted on 03/29/2012




She doesn't have to drink milk, you could offer her yogurt, cheese, orange juice, broccoli, bok choy, kale, collards, soy beans, white beans, almonds, breads, canned tuna (vit D). You could also try different kinds of milks: soy, almond, goats, rice...etc you don't have to have milk in your diet.

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