Milk intolerant baby, reflux, HV & docs no help and I now have PND, I'd really like some help from other mums on what to do or how to help my baby

Kirsty - posted on 06/25/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son Harry is 19 weeks old, at 6 weeks I took him to the doctors as I thought he had reflux, unfortunately I was told they couldn't do anything till I tried different bottles and formula.

I tried aptimil anti reflux milk at 8 weeks a the sickness was ridiculous and although Harry stopped being sick he was so constipated and bled so I went back to the docs and asked what to do. The doc said I had to speak to the HV, the HV told me to try nutramigen but didn't even have the time to tell me what it was for or talk to me. The milk was so vile he rejected it after half an oz by screaming until I have him his old milk and he fell asleep so exhausted. From then on he would take a few oz and scream ( I mean fight me like it hurt and really scream! ) I went to the doctors 6 times and kept asking the HV for he'll but got none, I was told it was a phase, maybe a virus, then eventually reflux ( this I suspected ) then they said colic which I refused to believe as he was consolable and only cried when feeding. They had no idea and just tried to placate me.

I asked to be referred to a peadiatrician and was refused, after 3 weeks I was referred to the dietician who told me Harry was milk intolerant and out him on aptimil pepti 1 which helped straight away but he still was drinking properly, he was only taking 18 oz a day, he went from feeding little and often to every 4 hours but only when awake,

I had him weighed at 17 weeks and he hadn't out weight on in 2 weeks, ( I was staying with family down south at this point to have help whilst my husbands away on an exercise ) then he started crying again when I fed him so took him to the hospital and they said he had colitis and he was to go onto neocate, I'm trying to gradually switch but he's still fighting me even though taking bigger bottles and growing it's really hard work.

I told my HV I was struggling and had Pnd 4 weeks ago and said I didn't want to take drugs and she has done nothing since and hasn't helped me. I'm the one who has to chase the HV, dieticians and doctors to help and I'm sick of it. I feel like I'm the only one fighting for my son and myself. Am I expecting to much from the HV and doctors wanting there help??

My son still has reflux symptoms and is still not happy with feeds but yet I'm still not getting help even though they know he isn't well.

So sorry for the long message but I have no one to talk to and feel embarrassed as well as ashamed that I can't cope better and be a better mum to my little boy.

Has anyone else had this much difficulty?

Thanks xxx

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