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Hi I've been ebf my 5 month ok I went back to work after 6 weeks postpartum and quit after a month in order stay with my baby more. While I was working and since she was born I was always able to pump at least 5-6 oz from EACH breast and I was building my back up. But when i left work I didn't really care much for a back up now I have been asked to help once in a while with house cleaning and I've gone since I still had backup breast milk. I recently ran out and a week ago I started pumping again since a whole back, but noticed I don't get more than 1.5 oz out of each breast. I'm concerned does this mean my milk supply is drying up? I DO NOT want to supplement. ( my daughter keeps feeding every 3 hours during the day and during the night she just sleeps from 9pm to about 2am straight after 2am she starts feeding every 3 hours. I'm also trying to tell myself it's sube cause of my period (just stated today. Sorry tmi) I read somewhere about our periods being a factor in lowering milk supply while men's traction but not sure. Anybody know if this could be true? What can I do? I'm concerned. Thank you in advance and in sorry it's too long.


Celeste - posted on 02/15/2014




No you're not drying up. Never judge supply by pump output. Average output is 1/2 oz to 2 oz total. And it's normal for pump output to decrease due to supply regulation

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