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I am just wondering what milk moms use, whole, 2%, 1% ,skim milk, goats milk, lactose, rice milk,breastmilk or organic milk..

My son can have 1% milk.. He is 2 years old when he was born he had lactose problems when he turned 2 the doctor told us to try him on 1% which thank goodness he had no problems..

My daughter is 10 months old (9months adjusted) She is currently Breastfeeding and getting goats milk as she is not able to handle formula at all, she eats 3 meals a day.. Cereal in the morning, Afternoon Veggies, Fruit and meat, Night time Veggies, Fruit and Meat.. Plus 2 to 3 snacks a bad.. She is only 19lbs so she is not eating to much... She drinks 20oz to 25oz a day... Now my question is Any other moms out there with some thing like this.. I know this can be a rough subject as some people do not feel that goats milk is made for humans to drink.. So if we can keep it nice... Thank you all...


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My daughter gets Fortified Rice Milk because of constipation issues.

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Hi there is a big market for goats milk in AUS so using is more then ok. I dont believe in using reduced or low fat milk in children under 5 or even older, i think they need it to much. I had alot of trouble getting my now 4 year old off formula, it took me 2 tins and about 4 different sorts of milk before finding the one that did the best. She now has organic milk, it costs me $2 for a litre which last up to 4 days as i do let her have normal cows milk at times. I found that normal cows milk gave her shocking nightmares she would wake up screaming, it also gave her diarihea. Its all hit and miss and you need to simply work on getting the right thing for your little girl tummy, dont worry what others think about the goats milk its treated the same as cows milk.

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there is nothing wrong with goats milk you give your kids what ever you feel they tolerate best some people say they have even gone to a dairy farm and gotten cow milk because it still has all the nutrients in it so it's really up to you.

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I agree you are very switched on follow your instincts, for the record my daughter (now 3 years) struggled with formula from birth till 1year then I found a vanilla flavoured formula which she loved so weaning became a breeze. These days she tells me if she wants milk or not and depending in if her eczema is active then she has either cows or soy. Go with the flow, worry less and things will soon just fall into place, you have healthy children :)

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You sound like a switched on, calm mum, in control and aware of what your kids are eating and drinking - so keep it up! Whatever you think is best for your children, goats, rice, soy etc will ultimately be what they can digest and consume without trouble.

For the record, my children do not have any milk intolerances, and my 3yo is on full fat cows milk, my 8month old recently weaned from breast milk to formula. We have had soy milk for our own health interests, which our 3yo will drink if no cows milk in fridge!


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