Mindcraft/Video games and ADHD

Lisa - posted on 01/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




What do you think of Mindcraft, the game and what do you think of kids with ADHD playing video games? Hows does your child with ADHD act when playing video games?
Our grandson likes to play video games ALL the time. He is obsessed with it and if he can't play it's like this major tragedy. H-E-L-P...... any one else go thru this? And what are your other thoughts on the other questions? We are not sure that Any video games is good, but its all they want to do and this game Mindcraft is addicting to the kids.... IDK... I just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on the matter.
Thanks. Lisa : )


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I think that Mindcraft is not a bad game. It is teaching them how to build things and how to use things. Its something of a logical type game and survival game. Other games are okay to play as long as the parents have looked at the game itself and decided its okay for their child to play. Each parent or guardian has to make that choice. For instance some racing car games would be good. You have to also consider the game systems you are looking for games for. I think for younger kids Wii is a good option because they have all these games that allow for movement, thinks like Mario games that are not so violent like the combat games. The movement games are anything from actual sports to excercises and dancing. Guitar hero is one that is music oriented. Other systems besides Wii do have some games like those I mentioned but they are more geared to the more violent style games.

My own son is not ADHD but he had to learn like all other kids with ADHD or other issues that you have to limit your time to video games. Too much is not good for you in anything and I am sure that you agree to that. You need to sit him down and set some rules regarding the game play. Set a timer so he knows that when it goes off he is done for the day. He has to learn to balance things out. This in time should help stop the problem of it seeming like the end of the world. Also at the same time, find out some things he likes to do other than the games and get him into some sort of a hobby he can focus on that works well with his ADHD. My son loves to take pictures with cameras for example. We go do things that allows him the outlet to take pictures. He gets so wrapped in the picture taking that he is trying to get that perfect photo...LOL. He also loves cars, tractors, trucks, and planes. This past fall 2013, I took him to see the B-29 plane used in WW 2. He really loved that.

My advice is that Mindcraft is okay to play. If you have the Wii get games that allow for movement and competition too like Mario Cart and even music. Those games would help work other areas of the brain besides the actual sitting and playing. I would do my homework on the games and even play them to see what they are like to make your choice in letting him play them. Set up a routine for him with the video games and set a time limit daily that he can play it. Set up a time of day as well and make sure that all homework or other things are done first. This will give him the idea that chores, homework, etc comes first and games are a fun thing to do later. But have consequences should he fail to do the important things first. Use the timer to let him know how much time he has and then he also knows when it rings or goes off time is done. Talk to him about his other interests and find a way to have him develop an interest in other things too.

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