Minor Needle like pain in right breast - My Milk is completely dried up its been 3 month

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Hi All,

I am really worried from past few weeks I am feeling Minor needle like pain in my right breast.
My Milk is completely dried up its been 3 month i am not BF.Can any one tell me is this normal or a hormonal change or what.
One thing more i want to share that when my milk was dried so in this chest when i use to press my nipple a small water droplets use to come but now nothing is there on pressing I am worried why this pain has started if it is hormonal change then this is should be in both breasts ... ???

Please let me know I spoke to my Doc she said " I think its normal" but again this minor pain is driving me crazy and i can feel 6 7 times a day and i feel uncomfortable..


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Julie - posted on 02/18/2014




The "needle pain" is nerve pain. Nerve pain from milk ducts. Possibly clogged milk ducts if you are not making milk. Try warm-hot compressess (damp wash cloth in microwave 30 sec to a minute, place directly on right breast and massage. You should get some relief, and possible milk! Pump after to see? good luck

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