Mirena IUD not safe for nursing mothers and new mothers

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I'm told my case is super rare, but it doesn't feel rare when it happens to you.
My IUD story
Short verison
A Mirena IUD perforated my uterus within fours days of placement and was surgically removed from my abdomen 9 days after placement.

Long version
Tuesday April 19th 2016 I had the Mirena IUD placed by my primary care physician who has done this procedure many times. My baby was 10 weeks old and I had a healthy vaginal delivery.  I exclusively breastfeed. The placement was extremely uncomfortable. It seem like the speculum was in me about 20 minutes. Halfway through the physician stated the insertion device broke and she needed a new one. I started cramping towards the end and had bleeding. From that point on I had a constant uncomfortable feeling and light cramping that would come and go and occasionally throughout the day I'd get a sharp cramp that wasn't too painful. The next afternoon it seemed the bleeding from the insertion had stop and a period started. It lasted 3 days and wasn't too heavy. The next day my husband ask for sex and seeing it had been 10 weeks since our last time together I didn't want to refuse. It was every uncomfortable for me so we stopped and I had him check the strings and they where missing. This was four days after insertion and the first time I had checked for strings. It was the weekend so I decide to wait until Monday when the clinic opened since my pain was manageable. I started to notice the pain coming from the right side in my pelvis. Sometimes when pooping it would hurt in that spot also. Monday my physician wasn't in but thankfully another saw me. I told her everything and she couldn't find the strings and said she's send me for an ultrasound the next day and that it must have fell out or the string went up out of reach. The next day I had an ultrasound at the hospital and they did an internal and external ultrasound. The tech wasn't allowed to tell me anything. I mention reading about IUD perforations and she told me that was extremely rare and that I would know if that happen because its so painful and that I shouldn't research on the web. She kinda pissed me off. Told me to wait 48 hours for my physician to get back to me. I drove straight to my clinic and waited for the results. Eventually the physician saw we and the first thing she said was there was no IUD found on the ultrasound. I immediately burst into tears apologizing for being emotional. My fear was that if they didn't find it, they think the iud fell out and I'd be sent home when I know somethings wrong. She told me she'd send me back right away for an xray but she said she was sure it just feel out and I didn't notice. I cried and asked why I'm still in pain then. Her answer was just well you just had a baby and we've been poking around your cervix a lot lately. She said I think we're not going to see it on the xray. I want you to go home after the xray and sleep on it and if you want to see an OB for a 2nd opinion that's up to you. Sometimes it falls out when you're pooping she said. Well how long should I feel this uncomfortable then I asked. I'd give your body another 3 weeks she said. I went back to the hospital and had an xray and then waited there for the results. 45 minutes later they put my primary care doctor on the phone. Well Angie, the xray found your IUD and its not in the correct spot. The OB doctor reviewed the xray and said it needs to be surgically removed. I'm so sorry. I thought for sure we had it in correctly she said. The next morning I drove 3 hours for pre-op appts and my mom drove me 3 hours the following day for the surgery. They wanted me at the hospital at 9am. Surgery ended up lasting an hour starting at 11:45am and I was out of the hospital by 3pm drugged up. They gave me pictures. The IUD was floating in my pelvis. North of my uterus and to the right where I had been having pain. They found the hole in my uterus where the iud had gone through and saw it was healing. I'm not allowed to pick up or carry my baby for two weeks because she's over 10 pounds. Nursing her is a challenge but we're making it work. My husband is disabled and I have a 3 and 4 year old so this has been stressful and hard for me and my family. I don’t like be told a device is safe and experiencing these complications. They say its partly because my uterus is soft because I just had a baby and I'm nursing. If I knew the risks were so great I would have chosen a safer birth control. Other details: It was a laparoscopic abdomen surgery with 2 cuts. I’m a healthy 31 years old but BMI is 35. This was my first IUD and only birth control ever used was condoms.
Here's pictures of my surgery https://www.pinterest.com/pin/4652782052...


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I've heard a lot of horror stories about the Mirena. I would never go near it. 4 years ago I had a doctor try and convince me to get it but I stood my ground. Not worth it at all and I think it should be taken off the market.

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