Mirena or tubal?

Amber - posted on 04/15/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am pregnant with my second child (a boy) and am due in July. I am considering a tubal ligation but my ob wants me to consider the mirena also. I have heard so many horror stories about the mirena. I also had placenta previa(which resolved thankfully) and my ob said it may be wise to have the tubal after all because once you have had previa it will likely come back with future pregnancies. I am stuck! please help!


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I had the Mirena. I originally wanted a tubal, but we were living in Italy and the Italian doctors say that both husband and wife need to be an agreement for a tubal. I was having a 2nd csection and at the last minute my husband said he didn't want me to do it. So I had the Mirena since and aside from the heavy periods at the beginning, its like nothing.

Alexandria - posted on 04/15/2010




i have heard alot of bad things about mirena from friends of mine who had it in.. needless to say it never got fully put in because it hurt to much... or they didnt have it for more than 2 weeks because of "slippage obstruction" i didnt spell that right, that caused them to bleed.. personally i am going to have that thing put in my arm.. it last for 5 years.. its just like mirena but they arent down there in that area they cut your arm open a little bit.. stick it in and then put some butterfly stiches on it! But if you even are thinking remotely about having more kids.. not that you cant have a Tubal ligation undone but im sure its a pain. Just knowing that you could have kids one day if you wanted.. with and IUC instead of a tubal but if your sure on no kids then you mine as well go with the tubal.. then no need to worry of anything

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I love my mirena, never had a side effect aside from (maybe) three cramps after it got put in and very very light spotting for a few weeks after. It's the best thing I've tried so far.
You could always try the Mirena and if you don't like then get the tubal.

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I have the Mirena (for 1.5 years) and love it as well. I have never had any problems, and had no period at all for about a year, then now just have some spotting every month or two. My suggestion would be to try the Mirena, if you have problems it's simple to have it removed and then you could conside the more permanent option.

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Are you done having kids. A tubal is permenant. They can sometimes be reversed, but it's not very successful. So they say to consoder it permenant. I had a tubal after our 4th was botn. No problems. Had it done just a couple hours after the birth. If you're not done for sure, then you should look into something other than a tubal. I don't know anything about Mirena because I've never used it, so I don't have any advice on that.

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Yeah Mirena is getting some bad press. The real question Amber however if do you really want to permanently (for the most part) end your ability to have children? My friend had the mirena before her hysterectomy (she was 38 when that happened due to non-related issues). She loved it.

Me, I got my tubes tied right around the same time. Only trouble for me was the normal aching you get after surgery.

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I had the mirena for five years. Prior to the mirena I had 2 healthy pregnancies. Now that I am pregnant with my 3rd after the mirena, I am having complications associated with having the mirena. I have read about numerous similar situations. I would not consider the mirena if you want more children in the future.

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It's very rare but my best friend got pregnant on mirena. She found out about a week ago and had to have the IUD removed. Usually pregnancy happens because the IUD has fallen out or been knocked out of place but in her case it was still there perfectly positioned. Having it removed was a big risk and she miscarried 2 days after. She is now on the waiting list to get her tubes tied. I had tubal ligation surgery yesterday and am very happy with my decision. I have two boys and I feel our family is complete. If you aren't sure DO NOT do it but if you don't want anymore I would go ahead with the surgery so you won't have to worrry about BC ever again.

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I also used the mirena and loved it, I just had my second baby and plan on having it put in again!

Claire - posted on 04/15/2010




Bad review spread faster than the good ones. I've had my mirena for about 1.5 years now with no ill effects. It was put in about 2 months after my second baby was born, mainly because other birth control had failed us and we didn't want to completely rule out more kids. It didn't hurt being put in and the worst thing was a heavier period for the first couple of months for me. Now I have almost no period. When we're ready for another baby, I'll have it removed and have another one put in after the baby arrives. It's done a good job for me. A friend of mine had her mirena done the same week, hers was after her first baby, also with no ill effects.
Obviously different people have different experiences, and your method of birth control is a highly personal choice. I just wanted you to know that there are people out here who have had good results with mirena.

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