mirena spiral and sex

Anna - posted on 06/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




so i have had a mirena spiral for about a year now and sometimes it really hurts during sex! anyone else had this problem? or heard of this? i cant think of anything else it could be but the spiral...
seriously, especially after *blushes* a hard work out, it can feel like severe cramp lasting up to 20mins after!
its to the point that i am considering getting it removed, but the contraception options are getting limited if you prefer not to go on the injection and cant take the pill.
if any of you ladies have had any pain, discomfort or bad experiances with mirena spiral i would like to know. might help me make up my mind on what to do next.


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♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 06/10/2012




I agree with Louise that you should definitely get it looked into. My husband was still in BC when I had my Mirena put in last year so I don't know about sex. But the traditional Mirena IUD I had put in slipped from my uterus into my abdominal cavity and I had to get it taken out. Check where the strings are too to make sure you can still feel them because if it did slip you could get pregnant.

I also agree that you should consider something else like the Implant. I have implanon now in my left arm and I don't even have to check the strings or worry about slipping. It's low hormone like the IUD too so I can still breastfeed. I've had it almost a year with no issues.

Louise - posted on 06/10/2012




It should not hurt like this. Go back and get checked out it may have slipped and is in the wrong place. It is important that you do get it checked because if it has slipped you could possibley become pregnant.

As for other options have you considered the implant, some are five year and some are three year.

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